Monday, February 18, 2008

I was tagged!

Well, it looks like I need to get on the ball with things! I was tagged at 2 different blogs and didn't realize I was supposed to tag others! Shows you how new to the game I am, huh? Well, it seems my blog was awarded by Denise Felton, and also by Julie Anne at Diamondmeenuh Creations. Thank you ladies! My very first blog awards! I'm so very honored!! So the rules, as posted on Denise's Blog are this:

-Post the award on your own blog. (Post who gave it to you)
-Indicate its original link and link to that site.
-Give the award to 5 other blogs that you enjoy, find creative and inspire you.

So here are my 5!

Denise Felton Denise, I'm going to award you right back! I am really loving the Flying Monkeys! You and Jonathan have both done a fantastic job with your house/cannon! I'd love to see it in action! It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw a couple weeks ago. It said "Don't make me release the flying monkeys!". Yup, I want that bumper sticker, lol!

And you too, Julie Anne! I'm also tagging you right back! I'm so enjoying the Asha Chronicles! I don't want it to end!! You really need to illustrate it and put it in a book!

Ekioart - Brandy has the most incredible taste. I love the whimsical feel of her art!

Cyndi of the Twisted Purl I love going to her blog and Etsy shop to drool over her hand spun, hand painted yarns. Gorgeous stuff!! I think I could sit and watch her spin her yarn all day long. Very relaxing!

Paula at Venerable bead. Gorgeous beads, a fun read, and she is so willing to help out such a computer illiterate blogger like me!

So, those are my 5! Your turn ladies! Got forth and tag!


Denise Felton said...

Oh, cool! Thank you so much, Vicki!I am so proud to be one of your picks!

Venbead said...

wow thanks Vicki, I just realized I had been tagged. I'm honored!

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

Boy, I'm also a bit behind! Thank you so much for tagging me back! I'm glad you're enjoying the Asha Chronicles. Stay tuned! Friday-ish I'll post Part 7 and Tim and I just completed Part 8 today!